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The Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency's Training and Exercise Unit offers emergency preparedness trainings, seminars, workshops and exercise support to help communities of the Commonwealth prepare for, respond to, recover from, and mitigate the effects of disasters and emergency events.

The Training and Exercise Unit develops and maintains professional partnerships with many public and private institutions across the Commonwealth. Based upon the needs of individual communities, the Training and Exercise Unit develops and implements new curricula and courses and continues to offer ongoing legacy training programs. Additionally, the Training and Exercise Unit offers specialized training programs and technical assistance through the National Training Education Division to ensure our communities are better prepared when responding to emergency events.

9/9/2020 Announcement: We are excited to announce that in the upcoming months, MEMA’s Training & Exercise Unit will be launching a virtual training program as part of our re-opening plan. This new initiative is designed to allow our public safety officials to resume training in a safe and user friendly environment. Parallel to this, we are also restarting in-person classes with careful attention to provide a safe learning environment. As we roll out these programs, please be aware that due to the high demand and limited seating we will be unable to accommodate every student. Thank you for your patience.

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